Auto Parts

We provide overseas Automobile repair factory and Auto Parts dealer the highest cost-effective products from China Mainland, and are responsible for the Procurement negotiations, Quality Assurance, Deliveries and General After Sales communications.

With wide range of OEMs and auto parts platform resources and database in auto parts, we can help you find the best supplier, no matter component parts or end products in the fastest way by our intelligent matching algorithm in logistics and stock distribution.



E-MOBI SHOP is one of our core business to end customers. During years of dedicating in new energy area, we continue to selecting the premium new energy and e-mobility related products which can directly sold to our end customers.

Our product series cover from green energy products, e-powertrain products, to electronic parts and intelligent products based on electric platform.


We have professional engineering team to provide engineering service of E-powertrain system ranging from less than 1KW to 30KW power, ESS-charging system with our own brand BECDAWN power for family energy solutions, Electronic system design for your E-mobility products.

Application scenarios: E-bike, E-cart, E-scooter, E-skateboard, ATV/UTV, E-motor, E-boat, E-karting, etc.